Current Trends in Construction Site Safety

There are numerous factors which are thought to be the common factors of construction site accidents. When a construction safety educator enters a classroom, he often begins with a brainstorming session of all of the risk factors or dangers associated on a construction site. Falls, equipment malfunction, lack of training, language differences and loud noises are often among the first risks mentioned in his classes. He introduces another safety risk if it is not already addressed – complacent behavior.

When he discusses complacency on the work site with his students, he finds that the discussion is full of samples of this behavior, both in management generally and among the workers themselves. It is widely comprehended and accepted that construction is a risky and dangerous profession. The culture of the workplace in the construction industry historically has been that there is a risk, people are paid to take those risks and that accidents will happen. While this is true, there are approaches to battle complacency and reduce steadily the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities on a work site.

Additionally , as tools have made the work easier, there can be a complacency in working with these power tools. The general rule on a work site should be that although the tool is easy to use, it is important to use it safely. Conversations during breaks of the safety classes frequently include the horror tales of numerous accidents on sites, either those experienced or those observed.

There are several ways that construction site safety can be encouraged on a site. A recent study (2013) in Britain implies that using technology, specifically virtual reality safety training may possibly reduce the percentage of worker accidents in the future. Since most construction companies are not capable of take this step, there are others which may be more attainable. Some businesses have chosen to outsource and use safety instructors and have safety audits. This is often helpful in determining areas needing to be addressed along with to demonstrate the company’s concern because of their workers.

Other successful campaigns to increase safety on a construction site includes ranging from construction waste removal incentivizing an accident free team or project. This may be by giving bonuses, additional paid time off, or even having a drawing of some sort in which downline of an accident free team have the opportunity to win a big ticket item. Though some may express concern about adding to the company’s costs in incentivizing, it is important to realize that the extra cost to the company in lost time, workman’s comp, etc . are far more than the cost of a big screen tv or additional paid time off.